IMCC (International Medical Coordinating Center) is one of the first German centers for organization of treatment, diagnostics and rehabilitation that cooperates with the leading private and university clinics of Germany. IMCC specializes in the organization of high quality treatment and health care in Germany for the patients from all over the world.

Our center helps patients find the right clinic or doctor; it is well-informed about the specific aspects of health services offering the best option to the clients, as well as about the cost of treatment, to save your money. IMCC cooperates with the clinics that employ specialists of the highest level with a proven professional track record.

Our task is not only to help you find a good clinic, but also to be well-informed about the modern trends in medicine: our consultants receive the latest information from the specialized periodicals and ratings of leading health care facilities. So we are always ready to offer you the best treatment options at the best price, meeting your expectations as much as practical. With our help, the patients receive a treatment of high quality and effectiveness.

We cooperate with the prominent German specialists in the field of medicine and with the best clinics of the country, and we are always eager to help, keeping in mind specific aspects of the public health system.  After all, it is essential to undergo treatment with an experienced and highly qualified doctor, who we will find for your special benefit.

Since 2007, our medical center has been doing its utmost to ensure first-class health care and high level of service to our patients. Improvement of your health is the mission of our International Medical Coordinating Center.