Our center supports both the patients with serious diseases and clients wishing to undergo a preventive treatment. To do this, we suggest special programs, which can prevent a certain disease. Your health improvement and preventive measures will enable you to avoid serious diseases.

We search for the optimal program of diagnostics, based on our patient’s state of health. Of course, the cost of program and the time of diagnostic directly depend on the specificity and nature of disease. However, most people wrongly believe that diagnostic in Germany is expensive. The high-tech, effective and qualified health care is much more available today as one may think. You can be sure of the right understanding of your problem by a foreign specialist. A professional coordinator of our center turns to a clinic with a qualified request. The material translation is done by a translator, experienced in medicine. Consequently, the foreign doctor will have the exact and reliable information about the reason and nature of diagnostics. 

Our center also helps to organize your travelling abroad: our managers will help to book airline tickets, consult on visa processing and provide a reliable transfer and hotel accommodation. IMCC Center is ready to fully support you from the moment you turn to us to your complete recovery.