Treatment in Germany is considered one of the best in the world. The medical standards of this country have long since become a standard. German clinics with state-of-the-art equipment provide services of the highest level.

We cooperate with the largest German hospitals, our center guarantees a non-prejudicial choice of the best health care facility. We work for your benefit.

You may agree that when people have health problems, a lot of questions arise, such as:

  • How to get free of my disease as soon as possible?
  • Who will make an exact and accurate diagnosis for me?
  • Can I hope for fast recovery and a happy life worth living in the future?

Unfortunately, in many countries of the world medicine is far from being perfect and is not always able to give a clear answer to at least one of these questions, not to mention ensuring a complete recovery of people. That is why ever more people are turning to the professionals of other countries for help. 

Here are four secrets of public health service in Germany:

1. Financing. Sufficient funding is allocated for the public health service in Germany every year. Unlike private health care facilities of other countries, which are supplied with drugs and equipment mainly at patients’ expense, the development of German clinics is funded by the state budget. As a result, their equipment meets all international standards and their service is at the highest level.

2. Pharmacology. It is not a secret that most drugs that are produced in Europe are not exported beyond its borders, and it is almost impossible to find an analogue to them. Besides, a special attention in Germany is paid to drugs and health services quality control, which allows to guarantee their effectiveness.

3. Quality. State and private bodies in Germany regularly carry out a thorough inspection of clinics in compliance with the strict state requirements for this area of activities. You can fully trust local certificates of quality.

4. Professional ethics. One can only admire the ethical standards of German doctors. The specialists, working in the clinics, are conscientious, honest and they value their reputation.

Distinctiveness of the German health care facilities

• The system of German health care facilities is a combination of general and highly specialized hospitals. In each situation the problem is treated with a special attention and diligence. It allows to examine the disease in great details and make an exact and accurate diagnosis without any loss of time or unnecessary bureaucracy.

• All doctors and health care facilities officially bear full responsibility for the treatment, prescribed to patients.

• The diagnostic system of German clinics is highly accurate, the treatment methods are unique and the guarantee of a successful treatment of the most complicated disorders is exceptionally high.

• The best specialists, state-of-the-art equipment, thorough and competent examination are not V.I.P. services; it is a reality of your treatment in Germany.

We search for the optimal program of treatment, based on our patient’s state of health. Of course, the cost of program and the time of treatment directly depend on the specificity and nature of disease. However, most people wrongly believe that treatment in Germany is expensive. The high-tech, effective and qualified health care is much more available today as one may think. You can be sure of the right understanding of your problem by a foreign specialist. A professional coordinator of our center turns to a clinic with a qualified request. The material translation is done by a translator, experienced in medicine. Consequently, the foreign doctor will have the exact and reliable information about the reason and nature of treatment. 

Our center also helps to organize your travelling abroad: our managers will help to book airline tickets, consult on visa processing and provide a reliable transfer and hotel accommodation. IMCC Center is ready to fully support you from the moment you turn to us to your complete recovery.